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Мои твиты за всё время, начиная с августа прошлого года, – недавно опять начал пользоваться, не знаю уж, насколько регулярно получится. Не бойтесь, их там немного.

7 AugAm I still sexually attractive? Under false hopes, decided against a hotel in Gay Village, Montreal.
9 AugVicious, egregious, neverending, intolerable crowds everywhere: Venice.
11 Aug"Straw dogs": the best movie ever made about mathematics.
20 AugGreed is a judgmental bias: people tend to overestimate how much they will need money in the future.
11 OctRussian politeness: multitran translates "thanks for nothing" as "спасибо и на том".
3 NovInstead of giving birth, my hamster Jennifer sat still for several hours and breathed heavily in silence, slowly dying. Then she died.
18 JanWatched "Se7en"; got a very graphic reminder that sloth is a sin. Note to self: do not forget.
16 FebHappiness is a worn-out word, yes it is...
16 FebCan you tweet a swan song?..
18 FebComing from the nearby tundra, a herd of mammoths wreaked havoc during a recent pogrom in Birobidzhan.
19 FebNever say "forever"; eternity is a very harsh mistress. Fare thee well.
19 FebWhen nobody pushes my buttons, they become depressed.
21 Feb"Curioser and curioser", said the cat.
24 FebA sitter is bitter on twitter: she got gonorrhea.
14 MarNot a soul on the pier. Billy Joel, please appear.
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